Award Ballot

4 January 2013, 1300 EST

As promised, this is my post announcing that we’ve sent an email out with the ballot for the 2013 OAIS awards.We believe that we sent one to everyone that requested one before the deadline, as well as to a list of people that we generated internally.

If you did not receive one and requested one, my apologies. Please email us about getting one (but check your spam filter first). As the voting period lasts until January 31, we can also accomodate late requests for ballots. But the window is closing, so do let us know if you want one.

Some information about the ballot:

  • We have some brief survey questions at the start. They are there to satisfy our curiosity and to be able to describe the voting pool. They are optional.
  • We ask voters to choose three (3) finalists for the Best Blog category, six (6) for the Best Individual Blog category, four (4) for the Most Promising New Blog, and five (5) for Best Post.
  • We will use a Borda-count procedure to select the finalists.
  • I’m most concerned about the Best Post category, as we have a lot of nominees and reading through them is time-consuming. We’ll see.