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February 18, 2013

Chinese DucksGood Morning! Let’s start the week in the Asia-Pacific…

North Korea


  • Rare but real protests are happening in Singapore over the plans to dramatically increase the number of immigrants in one of the world’s most densly populated city-states.  I love the posters which say: “We are not your sheeple!”  Is it too early to dust off my copy of Chee Soon Juan’s Your Future, My Faith, Our Freedom? Yeah I thought so, lah.
  • Dual use technology and a death in Singapore makes for a riveting read.



  • Malcolm Cook at the Lowy Institute notes that Japanese FDI to China as a share of total flows to China have stayed relatively stable with a slight uptick in 2012 despite all the tensions.
  • The Hoover Institution has uploaded the diary of US General Joseph Stillwell who visited East Asia in 1911.  He was a far cry from Alexis de Tocqueville when he visited East Asia as a young officer, but his private diaries will be of interest to history buffs.
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