Twitter went nuts when President Obama said he could not get the Republicans to do what is right because of his finite powers, that he could not do some sort of Jedi mind-meld!

He mixed his space franchises–Jedis may have Vulcan-like abilities, but the mind meld thing is of Star Trek.  So, this sent twitter on a wonderful spiral for awhile.

Some of the highlights:

RT @jpodhoretz: “By Grabthar’s hammer, you will be sequestered.”

— Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) March 1, 2013




Some would say that Obama did know what he was talking about:

My own contribution: “these are not the references you are looking for.”

Which anticipated just a bit the White House’s response, where it embraced the mistake:

He might not be the best president ever, but his team is at least the most pop culturally-aware.  Not a lot of solace during this time of failed chicken games, but good enough for Friday Nerd Blogging.