OAIS Awards: and the Winners are….

5 April 2013, 1256 EDT

I am currently at the ISA of Madness. Near the top of the list of insanity is the Blogging Reception, which included an overflow crowd and some great “spoken blog posts” by Erica Chenoweth, Rob Farley, Amanda Murdie, and Dan Drezner. I recorded the event, and whatever the camera caught before the battery gave out will be posted at some point in the near future. We also announced the winners of the awards….

In the “Best Blog Post” category, Amelia Hoover Green, Dara Kay Cohen, and Elisabeth Jean Wood received an honorable mention for “Is Wartime Rape Declining On a Global Scale? We Don’t Know — And It Doesn’t Matter” (Political Violence @ a Glance). First place, went John M. Hobson, “Eurocentrism, Racism: What’s in a Word?” (The Disorder of Things). John wasn’t there to receive his award, so we made fun of him.

In the “Most Promising New Blog” category, Suffragio received an honorable mention. The winner was Political Violence @ A GlanceCongrats to Erica Chenoweth and Barbara Walter!

In the “Best Blog (Individual)” category, Jay Ulfelder received the runner-up mention in a closely contested contest for his excellent blog, Dart-Throwing Chimp. But the winner surprised no one: Daniel Drezner for his eponymous blog.

In the “Best Blog (Group)” category we had a close three-way contest. The winner was The Disorder of Things, which has s many authors that I didn’t bother to name them.

Finally, we awarded the 2013 Special Achievement OAIS prize  to a blogger who has made, in the judgment of the award committee, an outstanding contribution to the development, legitimation, and forwarding of international studies blogging. The winner was Marc Lynch, of Abu Aardvark’s Middle East Blog.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to SAGE for making the reception possible. Apparently we’re doing this again next year. Perhaps with a larger room.