Saturday Morning Linkage

13 April 2013, 0923 EDT

  • The above video includes Sean Kay speaking about US-European relations and international security.
  • Kelsey Davenport: “How to Read the North Korean Nuclear Missile Threat.”
  • Scott Harold and Lowell Schwartz: “A Russia-China Alliance Brewing?” More Sino-Russian cooperation on alcohol production would be awesome!
  • The National Security Archive has a nice roundup of their materials concerning discussions between Thatcher and Gorbachev. Spoiler: the ‘no German unification’ agreement seems to have failed.

And also:

  • Holy !!#~@#! Has it really been two months since I put up an interview at New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy? I have two to process and more scheduled. So be sure to check out the site in coming weeks. On that note, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the lack of new podcasts at the Duck. As many of you know, things have been very busy. We’ll try to restart them soon.