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Thursday Morning Linkage

April 11, 2013

Here is your Thursday Morning Linkage!

    • New bird flu cases from China: how worried should we be?
    • Tom Bollyky: Why does Gleevec, a leukemia drug that costs $70,000 per year in the United States, cost just $2,500 in India?
    • Obama budget proposes buying about half of food aid locally in affected countries and regions rather than from American farmers, a big shift
    • American Al-Shabaab and his curious relationship with counter-terrorism community
    • GDELT event dataset is out, publicly available, and may revolutionize quantitative conflict studies (some discussion of its origins from Will Moore)
    • One of my SXSW finds, The Lone Bellow, at one of NPR’s final Tiny Desk Concerts before the move to a new building

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Joshua Busby is an Associate Professor in the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas-Austin. He is the author of Moral Movements and Foreign Policy (Cambridge, 2010) and the co-author, with Ethan Kapstein, of AIDS Drugs for All: Social Movements and Market Transformations (Cambridge, 2013). His main research interests include transnational advocacy and social movements, international security and climate change, global public health and HIV/ AIDS, energy and environmental policy, and U.S. foreign policy. He also tends to blog about global wildlife conservation.