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Renaming the Arab Spring

April 11, 2013


I’ve learned to limit consumption of Tom Friedman, except when he talks about the Middle East…yesterday his column suggested that the Arab Spring should be renamed in light of recent events…I think he is on to something, but I doubt his suggestion of “The Arab Quarter Century” will fly…my suggestion is the “The Arab Turn”, which connotes both the significance of current events in the region and recognition of some kind of new era in the making, but leaves open the outcome…what do you think?

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Dr. Jeffrey A. Stacey is currently Managing Partner of Geopolicity USA, an overseas development firm. Formerly he was Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS, before which he served in the Obama Administration as a State Department official specializing in NATO and EU relations at the Bureau for Conflict Stabilization Operations. At State he founded and managed the International Stabilization and Peacebuilding Initiative (ISPI), which has over 20 government and international organization partners.

Dr. Stacey is the author of "Integrating Europe" by Oxford University Press and is currently working on a follow-up book entitled "End of the West, Rise of the East?" He has been a guest blogger at The Washington Note and Democracy Arsenal, a professor of U.S. foreign policy at Tulane University and Fordham University, a consultant at the Open Society Institute and the U.S. Institute of Peace, and a visiting scholar at George Washington, Georgetown, and the University of California. He received his PhD from Columbia University.