Contentious Politics and Ducks: China Edition

5 June 2013, 1206 EDT

In case you don’t know, the PRC has censored searches for “Big Yellow Duck.” The reason?



You can see a larger version here.The arrival of Florentijn Hofman’s yellow duck in Hong Kong harbor sparked a great deal of excitement in China, where the duck has become incredibly popular. A number of stories document a proliferation of knock-off ducks throughout the country, including one large in Shanghai and numerous smaller imitations. So it isn’t that surprising that a microblogger would appropriate Hofman’s duck for memorializing the 1989 failed democratic uprising.

Via just about everyone. Seriously. We don’t need any more messages about this. But thanks everyone! It is exciting to hear from readers and to realize the extent of our reach.

Also, apologies to Tyr for forgetting to provide honorary linkage on his day. Hope we don’t upset Wotan too.