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June 7, 2013


The PRISM slides:  two nice touches you may have missed (Someone put some real thought into presentation — this is not your grandparents’ NSC-68):

  • Top secret, code word, art work.  There’s a special seal for “Special Source Operations” that has an eagle lifting a bundled globe — very impressive; and,
  • Great product placement — special advertising in a top secret document.  The slides prominently feature the companies’ trademarked logos in the header. But, I wonder if this drew NSA analysts to the products or away from them?  I’d like to see the market research on this one.
  • Steve Walt asks the real question on whether the USG really needs to collect all this data.
  • Former general counsel for the NSA says not to worry.

More in contested politics from the week:

And, this week in academia:


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