The Duck of Minerva

Friday Nerd Linkage

28 June 2013


What can I say? It was a good week in the US for gender minorities. (On the other hand, this new list of “most influential people in armed violence reduction” includes only 25 women.)

In other lighthearted nerd fare, this inspired the scientist in me who must complete the method(ologie)s appendix for my new book on human security issues by 5pm or (spontaneously com)bust.

About that: here is a neglected human security threat I did not think to focus on in my book: mega-solar flares. Earth beware.

Speaking of things cosmic, data streaming back to Earth from Voyager I is changing everything scientists thought they knew about the boundary between the solar system and interstellar space. Also, more Earth-like planets discovered this week. The space junkie in me squeals with veritable delight.

Proper Friday Nerd Blogging to resume in due course.