The Duck of Minerva

First-World Nerd Problems: A Nintendo 3DS Bleg

21 July 2013

Last week I purchased a Nintendo handheld (on steep discount) for the express purpose of playing Okamiden. Okami is one of my most favoritist games evah; even though Okamiden is basically more of the same, I’m cool with that.

Yesterday we had to buy off the wee one–we did, in fact, have a pretty terrible day from her perspective–so we offered to purchase her a game to play. That led to Animal Crossing: A New Leaf and a complete loss of custody over the Nintendo. So complete, in fact, that she basically bought it from me. So here’s the question: beyond the aforementioned piece of crack in a gray plastic case, what games–with an emphasis on older and therefore cheaper–would be good to acquire for a nine-year old girl who favors resource management, puzzle, and platformer genres?