Mad scientist duck

  • Is it 1953 or 2013?  2013 Aspen Security Forum  is currently meeting in Aspen Meadows, CO.  Here’s the list of speakers — scroll through and see if anything strikes you.   HT: Tamara Cofman Wittes.
  • An excellent piece by Naunihal Singh that concludes for all the talk of a unique people’s revolution, the Egyptian coup (yes, it was a coup) was a pretty common variant of coups.  Spoiler alert:  It’s the economy stupid.
  • The Obama administration had little influence over the events and even less consistency on Egypt
  • William Harris says the western liberal narrative on the Gezi Park demonstrations is too simplistic and shallow.
  • So, if I understand this right, after all of the effort, Secretary of State Kerry’s is basing his strategy to resume Israeli-Palestinian talks on the premise that the Americans will announce the resumption of negotiations will be based on the ’67 borders, but that either side can announce their own terms at the beginning of talks.  This Onion piece is starting to make more sense.