Tiwesdæg: the Left-hand of Linkage

20 August 2013, 1224 EDT


  • A new tumblr: “Everyday Power and Privilege in IR.”
  • David Axe lambasts the F-35.
  • Cheryl Rofer recalls her trip to Semipalatinsk.
  • A map of confirmed US-backed coups.
  • Seth Masket holds up the ‘tweets predict congressional winners’ paper as an example of how scholars should not publicize their research.
  • David Herter announces the completion of volume one of his new trilogy. His first book, Ceres Stormis the best science-fiction novel that you’ve likely never read, and I’d rank it in the very top-tier of SF books. A year ago I recorded an interview with him, which still hasn’t aired. I promise that it will be up by mid-September, and you should listen to it.

That’s all, folks.