Monday linkage

9 September 2013, 0700 EDT

Back to Syria:

A few other bits:

  • A documentary unveils evidence that televangelist Pat Robertson profited from funds raised to help Rwandan refugees in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide.
  • Tomorrow, Apple will introduce a new, lower-cost version of its iPhone, which many see as a play for new markets in the developing world. Can Apple break into China? A New Yorker piece suggests that, in addition to Android, Apple will face stiff competition from Xiaomi, a Chinese start-up.
  • For those of you with fond memories of the first time you purchased an indestructible Nokia handset from a guy at a folding table for $20, Microsoft/Nokia unveils plans to make those things into smartphones.
  • Finally, last week’s Daily Show provides your humor link of the day: “the Iranians are cats?!