Tuesday Linkage

12 November 2013, 1010 EST

Killer Robot Blogging:
This week, NGOs are massing in Geneva to encourage states party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons to consider banning autonomous weapons under the auspices of this treaty. This follows the UN Disarmament Committee meetings in New York in October, where multiple countries expressed concern about this issue. As in New York, NGO campaigners will be holding side events and briefings in Geneva to press their claim that these weapons should be banned.

Human Rights:
A report form the Institute on Medicine as a Profession at Columbia University outlines the complicity of US medical professionals in Bush-era “enhanced interrogations” at Camp X-Ray.
OpenGlobalRights kicks off a series on human rights funding
Swedish cinemas have introduced a new rating for gender bias based on the “Bechtel system.”

After several years of urging by scientists, the United Nations has finally adopted an asteroid defense policy.
Don Howard on the moral imperative of driverless cars.
Iron Man will soon be a reality.
Invisible bike helmets already are.