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Monday Linkage – MLK Day Edition

January 20, 2014

Muscovy Duck. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Good mornin’ Ducks! Here are your links:

  • Oliver Steunkel discusses “The Death of IMF Reform?” at the Post-Western World Blog.  The US Congress’ rejection an IMF funding request by the Obama administration “… leaves the 188-nation group without additional resources and blocks an increase in voting power for China, India, Brazil and other emerging markets.”
  • Stephen Harner explains “Why China’s ADIZ is Necessary” at the China-US Focus blog.  He argues, “The calculation and timing of China’s move may also evidence a reluctant realization that military-to-military dialogue with the United States was proving fruitless in achieving any reduction in provocative U.S. surveillance operations in the East China Sea…  At the strategic level, China’s establishment of a clear ADIZ has been made necessary by the Obama administration’s military power focused “rebalance” (or “pivot”) to Asia.”
  • Stuart Elden critiques and interprets the notion of territory and human predation in the work of Grégoire Chamayou at the Funambulist.  Chamayou contrasts Foucault’s icon of pastoral power, the shepherd, with the hunter of men.  In Chamayou’s notion of cynegetic power, “Instead of leading the flock, the hunter follows to seize; it is a territorial power, but one that fluctuates between the fixed space of the city and the exterior, a power that is ‘not limited in its predatory extent by any external boundary. It is exercised, from a territory of accumulation, on the resources of an indefinite exteriority.'”
  • Lauren Harper at Unredacted enumerates “The ‘Top 10’ Surveillance Lies Edward Snowden’s Leaks Shed ‘Heat and Light’ Upon.”

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