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Vote Now! Demonstrate the Blogging Contributions to IR Scholarship

January 30, 2014

One of the best ways to respond to the ISA Executive Committee proposal is to demonstrate the professionalism and the significant intellectual and scholarly contribution that blogging makes to the IR profession. We’ve assembled a slate of impressive nominees in four categories for outstanding On-line Achievements in International Studies (OAIS) Awards for this year. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to cast your ballot. If you haven’t received one or would like one, please email us for a ballot. We’ve had an impressive response thus far and we’d like to do better.

We ask voters to choose three (3) finalists for the Best Blog category, six (6) for the Best Individual Blog category, (2) for the Most Promising New Blog, and five (5) for Best Post. As with last year, we will use a Borda-count process to create a list of finalists and then proceed to a second round in which a panel of judges (last year’s winners and Duck permanent contributors) will determine the winners in each category.

Voting closes on February 7. We will be announcing (and celebrating) this year’s winners at the ISA Annual Convention in Toronto at reception sponsored by SAGE on Thursday, March 27 at 7:15pm. Charli is lining up a great program featuring a number of Ignite talks. More details to follow.

Here are the final nominees by category:

Best Blog (Individual)

Best Blog (Group)

Best Blog Post

Most Promising New Blog

+ posts

Jon Western has spent the last fifteen years teaching IR in liberal arts colleges at Mount Holyoke College and the Five Colleges in western Massachusetts. He has an eclectic range of intellectual interests but often writes on international security, U.S. foreign policy, military intervention, and human rights. He occasionally shares his thoughts about professional life in liberal arts colleges. In his spare time he coaches middle school soccer, mentors the local high school robotics team, skis, and sails.