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Tuesday Linkage

18 February 2014

Prominent academic Stephen Hawking has weighed in on a public debate.

Humanitarian Disarmament
Chicago PhD Candidate John Stevenson writes in Slate about why ceasefires don’t protect civilians.
Momentum last week towards a treaty abolishing nuclear weapons: Mexico leads charge.
Anti-killer-robot campaigners on the new Robocop.

Human Rights and Armed Conflict
UNHCHR’s report on North Korea denounces human rights condition in country.
Mark Kersten on whether DPRK could be referred to the ICC.
Guernica on death and resistance in Camp X-Ray.
Want your loved ones to know you survived the latest suicide bombing? There’s an app for that.

PVG on biathleticism and terror threats.
OpenCanada on the Olympics and nationalism.
via Monkey Cage, Eric Zitzewitz on the economics of Olympic judging.
Haunting slide-show of Sarajevo’s abandoned Olympic sites from the Smithsonian.