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Tuesday Noon-ish Linkage

February 11, 2014

As it is my turn again for Tuesday links, heaps of NATO and security stuff dwell below.

I am most NATO-obsessed these promoting my new book with Dave Auerswald so I was interested in seeing that NATO is the preferred organization for peace-keeping a potential Israeli-Palestianian agreement.

Speaking of NATO, the Balkans continue to be a mixed outcome.  The Serb Prime Minister said that reconciliation with Kosovo is possible but not recognition of its independence.

Syria, where NATO has not deigned to go, continues to suffer.  And the pain may be shared as Salehyan and Gleditsch extend their previous work to ask which neighbors receiving Syria’s refugees might have an elevated risk of civil war.

For those traveling to the ISA next month by air, this blog written by a no longer anonymous former TSA agent should deepen your skepticism about the security threater you will be experiencing.

We now have a very distinct take on: those that can do; those that cannot, teach.

Please consider signing the petition for the ISA to accept an Online Media Caucus.  All you have to do is email me at with OMC in the subject line and the text of the email indicating that you support the creation of the Online Media Caucus.

Finally, Sam Jackson delightfully takes a newsperson to task for confusing him with Laurence Fishburne:




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