And the Winners Are…..

28 March 2014, 0831 EDT

It was a great night for Political Violence @ a Glance winning awards in two of the four of categories at this year’s OAIS Blogging Awards held at ISA last night. They were the winners of the 2014 Award for Best Blog (Group) — narrowly defeating The Monkey Cage. Christian Davenport won Best Blog Post of the Year for his post “Researching While Black, Why Conflict Research Needs More African Americans (Maybe)” at Political Violence @ a Glance last April. Barb Walter’s “The Four Things We Know About How Civil Wars End (and what this tells us about Syria)” also at Political Violence @ a Glance was a close second.

Jay Ulfelder at Dart Throwing Chimp won in the Best Blog (Individual) category. The judges were blown away by Jay’s consistent high quality and sophisticated coverage of a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and empirical issues. Steve Walt was the runner-up in the category. And, Nuclear Diner edged out Next War Blog in the New Blog category.

Dan Drezner was awarded a Special Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to blogging in international studies for more than a decade. He announced that he’ll soon be blogging again at a venue with a “larger megaphone” than Foreign Policy.

Megan along with Paul Kirby and Mira Sucharov gave three fantastic ignite-style talks before we announced this years winners.

Congrats to the winners — and to all the nominees — there is a lot of great content out there. It’s clear that blogging has come of age.

Finally, we were thrilled at the support from Sage Publications for sponsoring the event.