Book and Paper Awards 2019; Distinguished Scholar Award 2019; see you on March 26!


26 January 2020, 2248 EST

Hello all! We hope that you are busily finalising preparations for Honolulu, and we at the Theory Section are excited to see you all there.

We recently finalized decisions on the book and paper awards we will hand out in Honolulu.  You may find the details about the selection process and results below.

—>  Theory Section Awards:

As you know, Theory Section presents section awards for the Best Monograph, Best Edited Volume/Special Issue/Symposium and two awards (at pre-PhD and Post PhD Levels) for papers presented at ISA’s Annual Convention. Here are the results:

Best Monograph: Adom Getachew, Worldmaking After Empire (Princeton UP, 2019)

Best Edited Volume: Duncan Bell, ed., Empire, Race and Global Justice (Cambridge UP, 2019)

Best Pre-PhD Paper Award:  Dean Caivano and Sarah Naumes, York University, “‘Just Before Dawn’: The Reemergence of Political Thought through Narrative and Autoethnography.”

Best Post-PhD Paper Award:  Marina Duque, Florida State University, “The Logic of Expressive Rationality.”

Please join us for the Theory Section business meeting, where we will present these awards. The business meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on 26 March in Nautilus 2, Hilton Hawaiian Village.

We would like to thank the members of the award committees for their efforts: book awards, Jens Bartelson (co-chair), Patrick Thaddeus Jackson (co-chair), Anna Beyer, Asli Calkivik, Nicholas de Zamaroczy, Ada Sonia Peter, and Ramon Blanco; paper awards, Charlotte Heath-Kelly (co-chair), Patrick Thaddeus Jackson (co-chair), Matthew Evans, Sassan Gholiagha, and Gitte du Plessis.

—>  Distinguished Scholar:

Our seventh distinguished scholar to be honored in Hawaii in 2020 is Professor Friedrich Kratochwil from EUI. The distinguished scholar panel will include Gunther Hellmann, Antje Wiener, Christian Reus-Smit, Chira De Franco, Mlada Bukovansky, Daniel Deudney, and Patrick Thaddeus Jackson. It is scheduled at 2:15 pm on 26 March (Thursday) in Honolulu 2, Tapa Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village. Please join us for this event, and for our joint reception with International Ethics that is sponsored by Cambridge University Press, where we will further celebrate Professor Kratochwil. The reception will take place at 8:00 pm—immediately following the section’s business meeting—on March 26 in South Pacific 2.

A warm congratulations to all of the winners! We hope you will join us in congratulating them in person. And an equally big thank you to all authors nominated; we commend your theoretical contributions.