Liberal Order Beyond Neoliberalism

3 09 2021

As many of our readers will know, G. John Ikenberry is one of the most influential scholars of “liberal international order.” It’s likely that he, along with Dan Deudney, is responsible for popularizing the phrase. John’s most recent book, A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order has reportedly shaped the thinking of the Biden foreign-policy team.

In July, I wrote a short piece about Dan and John’s call for a “Rooseveltian foreign policy.” Not that long afterwards, they sparked a minor kerfuffle with an article in Survival that attacked the Quincy Institute.

Given all this, I thought readers at Lawyers, Guns & Money might be interested in hearing from John directly. So I asked him to record an LGM podcast. It occurs to me that Duck of Minerva readers might also find this interesting. I push John to clarify the social-democratic objectives that he and Dan share, and we talk a little bit about the broader issues of what went wrong (and right) with post-Cold War liberal ordering.

Part I is available now. You can listen to it here or at Lawyers, Guns & Money.

I’ll let y’all know when the second part is available. … and it’s now available.