Helen Kinsella

12 10 2022

Professor Helen Kinsella joins the Hayseed Scholar podcast. Professor Kinsella grew up in Ithaca, New York, and she reflects on what that was like, plus a reluctance or indifference to going to college. She eventually chose Bryn Mawr and she talks about what an  amazing environment she experienced there. Professor Kinsella also spent some time at Reed college, then after college she went to Seattle and worked with victims of domestic abuse, and working with children in a variety of contexts there, being in Seattle in the early 1990s around the vibrant cultural community there. She discusses going to the Humphrey school for her Masters, working with the UN, heading on for her PhD thereafter, and then getting a tenure track  job at Wisconsin alongside discussing her first few publications.  Prof Kinsella discusses her approach to writing,  the challenges of keeping up with ‘debates’ in IR, doing yoga and F45, and more!

Read more about Prof Kinsella's work at her website: https://www.helenmkinsella.com