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President Bashar Al-Assad Needs Our Help!

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But, seriously. What kind of self-respecting despot barely customizes the template used by all imperiled leaders who need help moving their funds out of country? He could have at least replaced “my country” with “Syria.” But I guess Assad has lots of other things on his mind, so we can forgive him.


How to Blow a Perfectly Good Scam

¬†One of my colleagues had his email account hacked recently. I know this because I received the infamous “I’ve been mugged, send me money” email. This happened to my wife once. Our friend who alerted her also sent along a transcript of a hilarious email exchange in which the spammer tried to impersonate my wife (“how are your sons doing?”; “I’m sorry to hear that the job with the circus didn’t work out”; that sort of thing).

My colleague is probably in a world of hurt right now — I would be if my gmail account was compromised — so I don’t mean to make light of his predicament. But I did think it worth noting that if you are attempting this scam, and the story involves being stuck in London, asking for a money transfer in Euros¬†might be a giveaway.


Strike a blow for political freedom and get rich!

Who could resist such an entreaty?

FROM: xxxxxx
SUBJECT: Honest Partnership Needed
DATE: May 1, 2009 7:34:41 PM EDT
Reply-to: xxxxx

We on behalf of the Committee to Free Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky & Platon Lebedev wish to propose
a business transaction worth $46M from Yukos Oil Russia.We seek your partnership in the transfer
of this amount out of russian for the eventual investment under your supervision
in your country.You can read more details of this deal on this link below.

For more details please reply to:


But how did they know to contact me?


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