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August 28, 2007

How much more excitement can the Senate handle? With prospect of a confirmation hearing heating up the Hill, this crosses the web-page of the Washington Post: Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested back in June and plead guilty to disorderly conduct.

First, how on earth does this not come out until now? He’s a sitting Senator pleading guilty to a criminal offense. A misdemeanor, yes, but still a crime. And he’s now on probation. A sitting Senator, on probation. And no one knew.

Second, what on earth was Craig doing in the bathroom of the Minnesota airport when arrested???

Roll Call, citing a copy of a report by the airport’s police, said that officers had been conducting a sting operation inside the men’s room because of complaints of sexual activity there.

According to the police report, the undercover officer was monitoring the restroom at noon on June 11. A few minutes later, Craig entered and sat in the stall next to him. Craig began tapping his right foot, touched his right foot to the left foot of the officer in the stall next to him and brushed his hand beneath the partition between them. He was then arrested.

While he was interviewed about the incident, Craig gave police a business card showing he was a U.S. senator. “What do you think about that?” Craig asked the officer, according to the report obtained by Roll Call.

When officially asked about this incident:

Craig issued a statement confirming his arrest and guilty plea, which was first reported in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call. But the Idaho Republican maintained that he had not engaged in any “inappropriate conduct” and that the airport police misunderstood his behavior.

“At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions. I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct,”

Misunderstood? So, what exactly were you doing tapping the foot of an under-cover cop in the next stall over in a men’s room in the airport? Exactly what part of that is not inappropriate?

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