Hydrogen Sonata Forum wrap-up

23 December 2012, 1739 EST

This post exists to collect all the links from our Forum on Iain M. Banks’ The Hydrogen Sonata into one coherent place:

Chris Brown: A Triumphant Return to Form | Gerard van der Ree: Learning from Utopia Iver B. Neumann: Religion and the Sublime | Patrick Thaddeus Jackson: Actors on the Sci-Fi Stage | Dan Nexon: To Sim, Perchance to Dream | and Iain M. Banks’ reply

Let me also admit just how geeked I am to have been able to put this whole thing together. Banks is perhaps my favorite currently-working sci-fi author, and it has been a sheer delight to assemble this set of essays and to have him comment on them.

That’s all, folks. And to all a good night.