Episode 33: Status? You Just Met Us!

15 10 2023

The second installment of our live taping at the British International Studies Association annual convention in Glasgow is a “Whisky Optional” roundtable on status and international-relations theory. Our guests are: Ali Bilgic of Loughborough University, Michelle Murray of Bard College, Rohan Mukherjee of the London School of Economics, and Steven Ward of the University of Cambridge.

The taping was sponsored by the Clydeside Distillery.

Related readings:  Ali Bilgic, Turkey, Power and the West: Gendered International Relations and Foreign Policy; Michelle Murray, The Struggle for Recognition in International Relations: Status, Revisionism, and Rising Powers; Rohan Mukherjee, Ascending Order: Rising Powers and the Politics of Status in International Institutions; and Steven Ward, Status and the Challenge of Rising Powers.

Some articles mentioned include (implicitly or explicitly) include: Ward, “Lost in Translation: Social Identity Theory and the Study of Status in World Politics,” Larson and Shevchenko, “Status seekers: Chinese and Russian responses to US primacy,” and Musgrave and Nexon, “Defending Hierarchy from the Moon to the Indian Ocean: Symbolic Capital and Political Dominance in Early Modern China and the Cold War.”

An important edited collection on status and international politics is Status and World Politics, eds. Paul, Larson, and Wohlforth.

The classic “chickens” article is Ivan D. Chase, “Social Process and Hierarchy Formation in Small Groups: A Comparative Perspective.”