Penultimate Call for Award Nominations

27 December 2012, 1400 EST

sand-29124_640The deadline for nominations and voter registration is fast approaching. The list of nominees is unchanged since my last update. You should feel free to add nominations there, to email us, or in he comments section below. Please do check the eligibility criteria.

The two most common ineligible nominees are (1) restrictions on Duck of Minerva pieces and permanent contributors and (2) online articles that don’t qualify as blogs, such as Foreign Affairs snapshots. Unfortunately, this double-disqualifies Charli’s  excellent “Game of Thrones as Theory“–which, after being named “best of the web” for Foreign Affairs pieces in 2012, has catapulted back into its “most read.”

You can register to vote by emailing us with your coordinates. I’ve mentioned before that registration guarantees you a right to a ballot, but that we will also be drawing up a list of people who will receive one regardless. Still, I’m seeing some signs of registration with the aim of supporting specific nominees, so if you care enough about the outcome to answer a five-minute survey, I would recommend that you go ahead and register.

I’ve reproduced the nominees below the fold. Don’t forget to check out my awards-related interview with SAGE.

Nominees for Best Blog (Group):

Nominees for Best Blog (Individual):

Nominees for Most Promising New Blog:

Nominees for Best Blog Post: