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Sex is Better Thursday Afternoon Linkages

December 20, 2012

Here’s your daily roundup of sex/gender links.

First, NPR has reported that sexual assaults have spiked at military academies (a 23% increase with continued evidence that victims are resisting litigation).

Yikes. A well-known anti-gay Ugandan (the land of the new and terrible anti-homosexuality bill) pastor used vegetables to graphically demonstrate his interpretation of gay sex (and why it is wrong). The video on Huff Post is like a car crash.

While the victim of the horrific Delhi gang rape is now stable in hospital, mass protests grow in India in response the sexual violence in the country.

A new poll shows a “bare majority” support in the US for gun control, with a significant gender gap in the results: 62% of women support more restrictions compared to only 41% of men.

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Megan MacKenzie is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney in Australia. Her main research interests include feminist international relations, gender and the military, the combat exclusion for women, the aftermaths of war and post-conflict resolution, and transitional justice. Her book Beyond the Band of Brothers: the US Military and the Myth that Women Can't Fight comes out with Cambridge University Press in July 2015.