Wednesday Morning Linkage

19 December 2012, 0817 EST

  • Egypt DuckMichael S. Chase reports on the internal Chinese debate over Beijing’s role in international affairs.
  • A new China Security Report from Japan’s National Institute of Defense Studies (via Taylor Fravel).
  • Daniel Larison sees Chuck Hagel’s potential SecDef appointment as a wakeup call to the GOP about its continued embrace of neo-conservative foreign-policy principles at the expense of realism and what used to be called “establishment internationalism.”
  • Robert W. Merry discusses the growing attacks on Hagel for his statements on Israel. Steve Walt describes the developing kerfuffle as “the art of the smear.”
  • John Hannah blames the Obama Administration for “Syria’s disaster.”
  • Two pieces at on the anniversary of the violence in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan. Also Joshua Foust on the “contradictions of Kazakhstan’s national narrative.”
  • The Global Sociology Blog presents some basic scatterplots about guns and violence in advanced industrial democracies (via Rob Trager).
  • Jonathan Ladd points us toward “some experiments examining the connection” between “gun ownership and authoritarian notions of masculinity.”
  • BLTN: Philip Krausse discusses “Of Institutions and Butterflies.”
  • UBS to pay $1.5 billion for LIBOR manipulation.
  • The Benghazi report is out.

And also:

  • Tau Ceti may have planets in its inhabitable belt. With increasing evidence of possible way-points within fifty light years, the possibility of interstellar expansion for our distant descendants looks more plausible.
Photo Credit: Dan Nexon at the British Museum.