“It is the Grating Habit of Partisans on the Winning Side to Tell the Losers How They Might Have Done Better”

21 February 2013, 2341 EST

And thus Bret Stephens lambasts Democrats for daring to tell the GOP to moderate its foreign policy. Stephens’ recipe for “Getting the GOP’s Groove Back“? Obama foreign policy, but with an assist from the Resolve Fairy on Iran.

I’m not kidding. If you have a Foreign Affairs subscription, you can check it out for yourself.

The sad thing is that once you wade through Stephens’ boilerplate invocation of supply-side economics (it works! Kennedy cut taxes! Europe bad!) and his anodyne proposals for how big-defense and small-government conservatives can teach one another important lessons… well,  there’s just no there there.

Which places the Wall Street Journal‘s foreign-affairs columnist in essentially the same place as the Romney-Ryan ticket. That’s some groove.