Thursday linkage

7 February 2013, 0502 EST

Here are some recent interesting posts and articles focused on 52% of the population:

Want a fun and informative procrastination tool? Check out the NYT interactive tool exploring the gender gap in science across the globe.

Sarah Rainey of the National Times in Australia wrote an impassioned and provocative piece on childless women- she declares them “the final taboo for women.”

Darlene Iskra, for Times, asks if women in combat is “really that big of a deal.”

Sheila Moeschen lists 5 ‘Crimes’ perpetrated against women in rock music in her latest Huffington Post post.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald women are now abusing alcohol at the same levels as men. So in addition to getting harassed about being childless, be prepared to see more staggering, brawling ladies on your next Oz vacation.