The Duck of Minerva

Monday Evening Linkage

11 November 2013

  • Transgender Veterans are fighting to get their military paperwork to match their preferred gender identity. This raises SO many interesting and important issues for the US military- ones that it will have to face. For example, discharge papers -which may include an individuals former gender identifier- are used for future employment, benefits, funeral instructions etc.
  • A recent Gallup poll revealed that Americans still prefer a male boss– and at a margin that hasn’t changed in over a decade. One possible reason offered is that people prefer what they know- and most Americans currently work for a dude.
  • Time Magazine published a list of Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Gender Gap, including some ‘good’ news, like: women who work part time get paid more than men who work part time; and, the wage gap is narrower for younger workers.
  • Australia’s first female Prime Minister (who was ousted earlier this year) has said that the ‘gender revolution‘ she had hoped for has largely failed.
  • A recent studying looking at gender differences in marriage found– amongst other things- that men don’t need to discuss their emotions and like to be ‘fussed’ over by their wives. Earth shattering.