Welcome New Guest Bloggers!!!

16 June 2015, 0034 EDT

After much anticipation, nail-biting anxiety, rumors and speculation, we are finally able to announce our new team of guest bloggers!! Below are the eight amazing minds you will see posting regularly over the next six months.* Please make them feel welcome!!

Seth Weinberger is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics & Government at the University of Puget Sound, where he teaches courses on global security, foreign policy, terrorism, constitutional law, and political philosophy. When not teaching, writing, or blogging, he can generally be found serving his canine master by repeated throwing a small, green, and felt round object.

William Kindred Winecoff  blogged at IPE @ UNC while in grad school, occasionally picking fights with Nexon, PTJ, and other Ducks. The transition to the faculty of Indiana University ate up spare time and reduced his blog-output substantially, but he’s eager to get back into the game and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Duck. For more information see his website (wkwinecoff.info) and follow him on Twitter (@whinecough).

Wendy Wong is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto and Director of the Trudeau Center for Peace, Conflict, and Justice at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Her research focuses on the study of NGOs and the importance of the variations between NGOs and the role of foundations in human rights.

Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre is an associate professor at Arcadia University. Her current work focuses on how humanitarian NGOs develop common standards and mechanisms for defining, monitoring, and regulating their accountability in the global sphere.

Tom Gregory is a lecturer at in the department of Politics & International Relations at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. His research focuses on contemporary conflict, critical security studies and the ethics of war.

Lord Mawuko-Yevugah is based in Ghana at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. He started his career as a journalist, and has since gone on to focus on political economy and international development.

Cai Wilkinson is Senior Lecturer at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia. Cai’s research focuses on societal security in the post-Soviet space, with a particular focus on LGBTQ rights in Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Annick Wibben is an Associate Professor at the Unviersity of San Francisco. Her research straddles critical security studies, international theory, and international relations. Her work especially focuses on methodology, representation, and narrative.

*please note that these bloggers were chosen after we put a general call out for guest bloggers several months ago. We did receive some applications from excellent graduate students; however, we have a policy of not including grad students as regular or guest bloggers on the Duck at this time (please see our ‘policies’ for more info).