Interested in critical international politics?

29 January 2016, 0117 EST

GregynogThe Gregynog Ideas Lab, a thinking space for scholars interested in studying global politics from a range of critical, postcolonial, feminist, post-structural and psychoanalytic traditions, takes place every summer at Gregynog Hall in mid-Wales (UK).

This unusual summer school offers a set of seminars & workshops, an artist-in-residence, methods training and one-on-one consultations to allow graduate students and established scholars to re-examine their own work, participate in ongoing conversations and meet new people who share an interest in critical international politics. Participants – both guest professors and students – come from various corners of the world and it is above all the informal and open atmosphere that is valued by all.

Now in its fifth year, some guest professors and students have not missed a single year, while others newly discover this week-long event or pop in again after a year or two. At a time where those interested in critical approaches to global politics find themselves alone or misunderstood in their home institutions,  Gregynog guest professors donate their time to maintain and further these conversations. Participants have credited the summer school with sustaining them through challenging projects and being the start of important friendships (indeed, even a marriage!).

While it is hard to capture what makes this summer school special, one of last year’s participants summed it up aScreenshot 2016-01-28 22.05.30s follows:

“To me, the Gregynog Ideas Lab was an opportunity to get acquainted with and deeper explore some of the most fascinating ongoing conversations in IR, in a friendly, non-competitive and intellectually inspiring environment offering close interaction with top IR scholars and a fun international mix of participants. And the setting in a mansion in rural Wales is unbeatable. I would love to return.”
Screenshot 2016-01-28 22.10.49If you’re curious – or you just want to “Go, Go, Go! It’s great fun, good company, and intellectually productive!” as a participant who hasn’t missed a single summer school notes – here are some more details:

I hope to see you there!