Episode 7: A Relational Theory of World Politics, part 1

May 6, 2020

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Yaqing Qin’s book marks, according to Astrid Nordin, a long-awaited “full-length English-language” outline of the “theorization of world politics by one of China’s most influential and interesting scholars!”

What did Patrick and Dan think of it? Listen to find out.

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Daniel H. Nexon is a Professor at Georgetown University, with a joint appointment in the Department of Government and the School of Foreign Service. His academic work focuses on international-relations theory, power politics, empires and hegemony, and international order. He has also written on the relationship between popular culture and world politics.

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Patrick Thaddeus Jackson is Professor of International Studies in the School of International Service, and also Director of the AU Honors program. He was formerly Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Relations and Development, and is currently Series Editor of the University of Michigan Press' book series Configurations: Critical Studies of World Politics.