Some Quick Notes

22 January 2022, 1428 EST

Happy belated New Year! After a rather chaotic December – and lots of work on the backend of this site – we’re getting ready to kickstart happenings here at the Duck.

We’ve got a few posts and a symposium – all of which really should’ve been posted a while back – coming soon. You may already have seen that Adam has created a new “interviews” feature, and posted the first part of one he did with PTJ. I’m looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

I’ve also changed the way that I access the main Duck of Minerva email account. In the process I’ve discovered that I’ve missed a lot of correspondence. So if you’ve emailed us and haven’t heard back by now, please follow up.

Many of you know that the Duck isn’t the only place that I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve also been inactive at Lawyers, Guns and Money (yes, the lack of a serial comma in the title pains me as well).

Over yonder, Robert Farley’s started up a generation-x nostalgia podcast series called “An Oral History of the Blogosphere.” So far its featured some really big names from the rise and decline of the political blogosphere (roughly 2001-2008), such as Matt Yglesias, Amanda Marcotte, Daniel Drezner, and Tedra Osell (Bitch, PhD).

Check it out.

More soon-ish.