Podcast Recommendations

16 11 2022

I just wanted to flag some recent international-relations podcast episodes that I particularly enjoyed.

Power Problems, currently hosted by John Glaser, is Cato’s in-house international-affairs podcast. In the latest episode, Glaser talks with Jason Castillo about “Nuclear Weapons, Strategic Stability, and Ukraine.” I don’t agree with every argument, but it’s an exceptionally clear discussion of theories of nuclear deterrence — and not just in the context of Ukraine, but also in terms of the larger strategic environment.

In the new episode of New Books in World Affairs, Miranda Melcher interviews Benjamin de Carvalho and Halvard Leira — familiar names to long-time Duck readers — about their cool new edited volume on The Sea and International Relations. I’ve watched the project develop from a distance, and it’s come together nicely. Melcher moves the discussion along nicely, and Benjamin and Halvard turn out to be very good at the whole academic-podcast thing.