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The Duck of Minerva occasionally runs symposia. These consist of a collection of linked pieces that engage with one another on a specific topic, although you will also find series of posts that are united only by their topic. Symposia always involve at least some guest contributors.

Notable examples include a series of companion posts to the European Journal of International Relations special issue on “The End of IR Theory” (2011) and a discussion of Iain M. Banks’ The Hydrogen Sonata (2012).

If you’re interested in organizing a symposium, visit our FAQ.

From the Archive

Conscious States in a World of Make Believe

I wrote the first draft of “What’s it Like to Be a State?” sometime in late 2017, during an unusual time in both my personal life and my research career. I was about halfway through my PhD at the University of Cambridge and was feeling both immensely homesick and quite bored—trapped in a small town that felt ripped from the Victorian era. I filled my free time watching large numbers of pre-recorded NBA games and, also, for some reason, reading philosophy of mind….