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Romney is Alone in His Fear of Russia

Per Dan’s post below, I don’t understand why Russia is our number-one enemy, either today or ten years from now. Neither, it seems, do Americans, who have only noticed Russia’s phantom menace at one period in...

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Romney’s Russia Card

You may have heard that Romney referred to Russia as America’s “number-one geopolitical foe” and plans to double down on this rhetoric during his big speech in Poland.The speech on the “values of...

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UN as Daddy Day Care

Romney apparently said today “we’ve been ‘turning to the United Nations’ to ‘raise our kids.'”I don’t know if this is true,* but it raises a variety of questions/thoughts:Does the UN...

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Romney: A Charmed Life

The McCain opposition-research file circulating on the internet (if genuine) is just devastating in its picture of a man without any convictions whatsoever. It makes one thing crystal clear: Mitt Romney will be the Republican...

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