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The Duck of Minerva occasionally runs symposia. These consist of a collection of linked pieces that engage with one another on a specific topic, although you will also find series of posts that are united only by their topic. Symposia always involve at least some guest contributors.

Notable examples include a series of companion posts to the European Journal of International Relations special issue on “The End of IR Theory” (2011) and a discussion of Iain M. Banks’ The Hydrogen Sonata (2012).

If you’re interested in organizing a symposium, visit our FAQ.

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States of Mind, Minds of States

A state of mind is a contagious thingSpread it around you never know what the future brings…Marillion, “State of Mind” n his later writings, Ludwig Wittgenstein spends quite a bit of time thinking about the problem of exactly what we are doing when we refer to the “inner” state of some entity, as juxtaposed with “outer” evidence of that entity’s behavior. We see someone...